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Knowledge of Champagne

The harvest : it unfolds between 90 and 100 days after the flowering, generally in September. Grapes are traditionally pressed at the family house. 

Vendanges Vendanges Vendanges grappe de raisin


The alcoholic fermentations : they are made in enamelled steel tanks, which favour thermal exchanges and allow a temperature control.

bottleThe malolactic fermentation : in order to make sure of a good biological finishing of the wine, the malolactic fermentation, which leads to the wine transformation, is systematically practised. 

As this one is controlled, it stabilizes and refines the wine. As soon as it is finished, the wine is racked, kept in vats so that the first coldest parts of the winter emphasize the decanting process and natural precipitations.

The bottling : the wine bottling comes between months April and May, according to the outside climatic evolution.

The Institut National d'Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (INAO) requires to keep bottles on laths for a minimum period of 15 months.

For more than 10 years, the "Interprofession de Champagne" takes, from each wine grower, samples of three bottles per Cuvée. A bottle will be tasted as security of quality, in order to get an approval number. The two last bottles remain at their disposal.

 ageingThe ageing : Wine is a living product. Its evolution is controlled by regular tastings   and particularly for wines kept in oak barrels (40 hl, 228 l or 600 l), in which a  blending of grape varieties created our Cuvée «Histoire d'Hommes». This one  sysmbolizes this passion handed down from father to son.

 Our Champagne bottles are sold after at least a three year maturing in the cellar –  exception to vintages, which are kept four many years – , so that they possess all  qualities of fineness and generosity.

The disgorging : the disgorging process, called dégorgement, is organized three to six months before selling. Due to a too narrow air-conditioned room at the moment, this dégorgement is made each time for 5000 to 6000 bottles maximum.