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The vineyard extends today for 3 communes : Croûttes sur Marne, Nanteuil sur Marne et Charly sur Marne.

Gratiot DelugnyIn 2013, our 9 hectares 87 ares 30 vineyard grows on clayey and chalky soils. According to the different communes, the sunshine is different.

The three grape varieties grow in a different way, according to the place. They are divided into plots called localities (lieux-dits), which allow a different ripeness.

Chardonnay is present on 3 ha 24 ares of our wine growing property. It brings fineness and elegance to the wine.

Pinot Meunier with about 50% of the vineyard, on an area of 4 ha 34 ares,           

            brings fruity and aromatic characteristics, with a winy touch. 

Pinot Noir for a quarter land on 2 ha 28 ares 52, confers on wine a strong and                                                powerful structure. 

The team

The GRATIOT DELUGNY house is surrounded by a team of experienced professionals, which increases during the harvest.
Thanks to the know-how acquired over one hundred year, our champagnes offer impeccable traditional quality.